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October 6, 2021, 4:27 p.m.

Health: where the digital doctor’s visit already works

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The prerequisites have already been created to make the health system more modern, more digital and therefore more efficient. In Germany, however, there is a lack of implementation in many areas.

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The corona pandemic has tirelessly exposed the weaknesses of the German healthcare system. Many other countries are already more advanced. Four views abroad that are worth the effort.

By Silke Bigalke, Claus Hulverscheidt, Karin Janker, Alexander Mühlauer and Angelika Slavik

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The fax machine has gained some fame in this pandemic. It has become a symbol of the backwardness of the German health system: health authorities who can only be contacted by fax – a bitter gag in the fight against the corona virus. But the German healthcare system has some catching up to do in terms of digitization, and not just administratively. Whatever the outcome of the struggle to form a government in Berlin, the future coalition expects a mountain of work in this area.

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