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HDI: Shaking chairs in Hanover

By Herbert Fromme, Cologne

The board of directors of insurer HDI Deutschland is currently anything but a secure position. The management body headed by CEO Christopher Lohmann is undergoing a major restructuring. At the end of June, Christoph Wetzel, member of the Management Board, left the Talanx group company, followed two months later by Patrick Dahmen. And now it’s Wolfgang Hanssmann’s turn. Aged 58, the sales director of HDI Deutschland will leave the Management Board at the end of 2021 and will then work for the insurer as “Senior Advisor” for three years. With this decision, HDI Germany prevents Hanssmann, a well-known and well-established networker, from going to the competition and kidnapping a number of employees, agents and customers. HDI Germany boss Lohmann, 52, denies that disagreements between him and Hanssmann are the reason for the change. “We need a bit of rejuvenation,” he explains on the change. Hanssmann’s successor as sales manager at HDI Germany will be Stefanie Schlick, 48, who comes from Generali and was in charge of sales to brokers as a member of the board of directors.

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