Hartz-IV – Too little money for electricity – economy

According to calculations by the comparison portal Verivox, beneficiaries of Hartz IV will not receive enough money to cover their electricity costs even after the standard tariff increase on January 1, 2021. For people living alone, the gap is on average 95 euros per year, report market observers. As of January 1, 2022, the standard rate for a single adult will increase from 3 euros to 449 euros per month. According to Verivox, 36.44 euros are intended to pay the electricity bill. However, the electricity costs of a single household with a consumption of 1,500 kilowatt hours amount to 44.33 euros per month on a national average. Social associations and consumer advocates have long criticized the fact that the Hartz IV tariff does not contain enough electricity. Due to tight tariffs, those affected are often unable to offset electricity costs with savings elsewhere. The tariffs should be more adapted to the real demand for electricity.

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