Hannes Jaenicke: “I’m just a comfortable pig.” – Economy

Who is Hannes Jaenicke? Actors, most would certainly answer: The 61-year-old is known as Undercover Agent Alex Pollack in the ARD Amsterdam-Krimi series. He also played a Russian Tsar in the period film “Katharina the Great” and a policeman in Knockin ‘On Heaven’s Door. “Jaenicke still plays roles today. But this Hannes Jaenicke means what he says quite often.

Jaenicke uses his notoriety to raise awareness about issues that concern him: climate change, species extinction, endangered animal species. He goes on talk shows and curses politics. He makes documentaries and films.

He came to Munich on Friday afternoon to talk about his topics at the SZ Sustainability Summit – and the question of what each individual can do. Jaenicke knows it herself, the inability to live more sustainably. He’s a vegan. He has been driving an electric car since 2013. He tries to use little electricity. But it’s also reaching its limits, he says, “all the time.” When organic vegetables are wrapped in plastic film again. Or when he gets back in the car on a rainy winter day to pick up rollers. “I’m just a comfortable pig,” he says.

Politics ? “This is gibberish,” he said

But Jaenicke thinks we shouldn’t rest on it. Just waiting for tougher rules to make things better at some point, he thinks that’s dead wrong. Jaenicke says consumers have to stand up for something to move. “I think our wallet is the sharpest weapon we have,” he says. “But we are comfortable, we are often misinformed.” This is the reason why he shoots documentaries.

But he is also politically engaged. Jaenicke is a member of the Greens and is candid about his views on other parties. “This is gibberish,” he said on Friday. Speed ​​limit, kerosene tax, insanity that they are still being discussed at all. He was impressed by the activists at Fridays for Future. “They understood that they had to pay for what screwed up our generation.”

But Jaenicke also wants to help them a bit. After his performance, he goes to the office to work on his next documentary. This time, he says, it’s about pigs.

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