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“Wash, cut, blow dry, please”: A regular visit to the barber is a regular feature of many people. But the intervals between meetings are getting longer – and this worries the struggling trades. Even six months after the reopening of their salons, mostly German hairdressers continue to struggle with the consequences of the Corona crisis. “At the beginning we had a huge number of visitors because people finally wanted to go back to the hairdresser,” said the managing director of the German Hairdressing Trade Association Central, Jörg Müller. Over the past few weeks, however, it has been noticed that many clients do not go to the hairdresser as often. It also reduces sales. Shortly before Christmas 2020, hairdressers had to close and were only allowed to reopen on March 1. There are no official sales figures for the following period. The industry is affected differently, according to Müller: Salons that rely on walk-in clients have more losses than hairdressers, who have many repeat clients and invest more time for a client. Location also plays a role: hairdressers in particular would have very high losses in shopping centers.

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