Hacker – cyber attack on insurers – economy

Cologne The Darmstadt-based liability insurance company was probably the first insurer in Germany to fall victim to a large-scale hacker attack that virtually crippled the business. The company discovered the attack over the weekend, then shut down its systems. On an emergency website, the insurer informs its customers that it is currently unavailable via the Internet and by telephone. A similar case is not yet known to the industry.

The extent of the damage is still unclear, just as if the previously unknown attackers stole data.

The liability insurance company is a small insurer with a strong presence in the hotel industry. A spokesperson declined to say, referring to the ongoing investigation, whether it was an attack with so-called ransomware. Hackers encrypt data and systems in order to extort a ransom from the company. Cyber ​​insurers in Germany cover these payments. But there is a growing discussion about whether this should not be abolished in order to prevent hackers from being further enticed into attacking.

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