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A group which is listed in the Dax but which is not active in Germany: Internet allows a lot of things, even that. The Delivery Hero delivery service is one of those digital platform groups that bring together researchers and cooks. But a few years ago, Delivery Hero sold all of its activities in Germany to its Dutch competitor The brands Lieferheld, and Foodora went to the rival, better known in this country under the brand name Lieferando. In May 2021, however, Delivery Hero announced that it would operate a business in Germany again. The company is now announcing more details.

After returning to Berlin, Delivery Hero plans to expand into other German cities with the Foodpanda brand. Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich would follow in the fall, the company said on Tuesday. “Our pace of expansion will certainly accelerate,” Foodpanda Germany boss Artur Schreiber told Reuters news agency. Ultimately, the point is that every city should have such an offer.

More recently, Delivery Hero had primarily focused on Asia and the Middle East, where much of the rising revenue during the Corona Crisis is being generated. In this country, Delivery Hero is no longer just competing with Lieferando owner and market leader Just Eat, but also with expansion-oriented and well-funded start-ups such as Gorillas, Flink and Getir. , some of which attract high net worth clients with deliveries in less than ten minutes. Delivery Hero is also thinking in this direction: under the Foodpanda brand, the group also wants to deliver basic necessities, snacks and fruits and vegetables from mini-warehouses, in collaboration with local businesses such as florists and shops. butchers.

“At the end of the day, it’s about offering anything that can be delivered quickly and sensibly,” said Schreiber. The focus is therefore also on pharmaceutical and electronic products which are not yet part of the portfolio.

The Berlin group Dax does not wish to comment specifically on the costs of returning to Germany. In May, company boss Niklas Östberg said there would probably be “no profit in Germany for years”. The company, which is active in more than 50 countries and has recorded operating losses for years, estimated the amount of group-wide investments for the current year at around 550 million euros. On Thursday, Delivery Hero gives an overview of the first half business. The company, founded in 2011, announced on Monday that it would take a stake in British competitor Deliveroo.

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