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In the UK, an industry association has warned of a huge slaughter backlog due to a severe carbon dioxide (CO₂) shortage. The association of meat producers BMPA stressed that gas plays a central role in the production process and is irreplaceable. CO₂ is needed to seal the packages in a vacuum-tight manner.

According to the BMPA, some slaughterhouses could run out of supplies in less than 14 days. “Then companies can no longer accept animals and have to close production lines,” the association said. This leads to a backlog on the farms. “This situation already exists among pork producers, where a slaughter is imminent on some farms. »Beef or lamb can continue to be produced. Without vacuum packaging, however, goods can be kept five days less. This adds another problem for retailers and consumers. Due to a great shortage of truck drivers due to the pandemic and Brexit, food shelves are already often empty. “This crisis underlines that the UK food supply chain is at the mercy of a small number of large fertilizer manufacturers in Northern Europe,” said Nick Allen, director of the British Meat Processors Association (BMPA). “We are relying on a by-product of their production process to keep the UK food chain going.” CO₂ is generated during the production of fertilizers. However, fertilizer manufacturers have recently been hit by rising energy and raw material prices. The manufacturer CF Industries has therefore even temporarily closed two factories in Great Britain.

If the chain starts to falter, all production is at risk, Allen said. “The result is that CO₂ stocks are running out.” He called on the government to intervene. We must act on the British CO₂ manufacturers so that they can better coordinate and avoid disruption.

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