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Delivery Services: Gorillas: If You Hit, You Fly

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There is often a lot of rubbish where the gorillas were.

(Photo: Stefan Seitz / Imago)

The dispute between the management of the delivery service and its drivers intensified, the start-up dismissed dozens of employees without notice.

By Simon Groß, Simon Hurtz and Michael Kläsgen, Munich, Berlin

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Among primates, gorillas are actually more sociable types; compared to belligerent chimpanzees, for example, they are quite peaceful. The situation is completely different with the delivery service of the same name from Berlin. Conflicts between Gorillas management and the bicycle couriers seem to be approaching a new climax. Employees have been organizing wildcat strikes and protests for months to impose better working conditions and higher wages. The delivery service is now reacting with all severity to recent actions and warning drivers involved in strikes. Several dozen have lost their jobs. The employees also go to the confrontation and demonstrate Wednesday in Berlin.

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