Google Photos: Google’s decision will have a great impact on you, this policy is changing from June 1 – Google’s new policy for photo storage June 1

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The new policy is being implemented with effect from June 1, 2021 only with Google Photos. According to the new policy, from June 1, 2021, new photos and videos will be counted in the 15 GB storage provided to the users. Photos and videos uploaded before June 1, 2021 will not be included in the 15 GB free storage. New Delhi: Google Photos was launched almost 5 years ago. Here users can store their important photos. There are currently over 4 trillion photos stored in Google Photos. 28 billion new photos and videos are uploaded to this platform every week. But now the company is going to change its storage policy soon. The company has given an important update regarding the storage policy of Google Photos. Under this new update, any new photos and videos uploaded by you from June 1, 2021 onwards will count towards 15 GB of storage provided to users or purchased by users under Google One Member.

Your Google Account storage is shared across your Drive, Gmail, and Photos. The company says that this change will also help in keeping pace with the increasing demand for storage. Also, we commit to our decision not to use Google Photos information for advertising purposes. As we know this is a big shift and it is surprising for the users. We are already telling you about this and we want to provide resources to make it easier.’

The new policy does not apply to existing high-quality photos. Any photos or videos that users upload in high-resolution before June 1, 2021 will not be included in the 15 GB of free storage. This literally means that any photo or video uploaded before June 1, 2021 will be excluded from the 15GB limit and will be considered free.

You can sync and backup your backup quality at any time by going into the Photos app. If you back up the photos in their original properties, you will not be affected by this company change.

If you want to understand how you will be affected by this change, you can get a personal estimate of how long you can last your storage. This estimate takes into account the number of times you back up photos, videos, and other content to your Google Account.

In June 2021 you’ll be able to access a new free tool in the Photos app to make it easier to access your backup photos and videos. This tool will help you review the memories you want to keep. It will also surf to the people you want to remove.

The company is offering 100 GB data for 1 month to the paid plan of Photos app, for which users will have to pay Rs 45 instead of Rs 130. However, from the next month, you will have to pay Rs 130 per month for this. If you want to take an annual plan, then you have to pay Rs 1300 annually.

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