German Care Alliance: Strange Business – Economy

The company sells aids to thousands of people in need of care and works with confidential data such as the respective level of care. We don’t know where she got that from. It’s not just the mutuals that are worried.

By Uwe Ritzer

The letter looks and reads official. “German Care Alliance” is written in the header. The subject line: “Your request: for free consumer healthcare aid”. It is attached as an order form. Absorbent bed protection inserts, disposable gloves, protective aprons, various disinfectants – everything has already been checked. Johanna Kolbeck, 92, just has to sign. Then the care kit will be delivered to you. Every month, the German Care Alliance promises “convenient and free delivery” and “at all times without additional payment”. She also settles everything directly with the health insurance fund, the old woman does not have to worry about anything. Everything seems to be right. After all, all personal data has already been entered correctly in the order form: address, date of birth, Mrs Kolbeck’s health insurance, even her insurance number and level of care. So very sensitive data, which begs the question: how does a private company get it?

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