From manager to head of a homeless assistance company

Shortly before his retirement, Jan Marquardt did something unusual: he gave up his managerial job to help homeless people at a Hamburg welfare center. About a dropout who turned his social trend into a profession.

At the end of a fairy tale, it’s often the Fairy Godmother who, with her magical power, can change everything for the better. But Jan Marquardt is neither a mythical creature nor can he do magic, although he could sometimes use it in his work, as manager of the help center “CaFĂ©e mit Herz” in Hamburg St. Pauli. Its singular spelling is based on a play on words with coffee and fairy, alluding to the fact that they want to help the poor here. Marquardt was an economic director with a six-figure annual salary. But shortly before his retirement, the 60-year-old took a completely different path.

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