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Disappointing US economic data weakened the dollar on Tuesday. In turn, the euro climbed to $ 1.1836 after dropping to $ 1.1771 in morning trading. The US industry recorded fewer orders than expected in June. Companies collected 0.8% more orders for durable goods such as airplanes and machinery than the month before, as reported by the Washington Department of Commerce. Experts had forecast an increase of 2.1%, after 3.2% in May. “All in all, new orders do not contradict a significant acceleration in growth in the second quarter,” said Ulrich Wortberg, economist at Helaba. Inflationary pressures and shortages of materials and labor remain risks for the continued recovery of the industry and therefore of the economy as a whole. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) also expects consumer prices to rise sharply around the world – but has warned central banks against swiftly deviating from the cheap money policy until the underlying price dynamics are clearer. Some investors therefore resorted to “havens” such as the Bund and thus pushed the yield on ten-year inflation-linked stocks to a two-year low of minus 1.792%. Gold “anti-inflationary currency” also rose 0.4% to $ 1,805 per troy ounce. Brokers were anxiously awaiting the results of the Fed’s deliberations on Wednesday.

Oil prices have risen again at times. Investors were hoping that tight supply and rising vaccination rates would help offset any impact of the global delta variant of the coronavirus on demand. A barrel of Brent variety sometimes cost $ 75, 0.7% more than the day before.

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