Fit for 55: EU climate package forces airlines to rethink – economy

By Jens Flottau, Frankfurt

After the European Commission proposed on Wednesday how the European economy should meet its environmental targets by 2030, the big math began: what does the climate package mean for European airlines? The next day, the first in-depth analyzes of the so-called “Fit for 55” proposals from the Commission are ready. In short: the industry faces potentially huge additional costs that could force it to rethink. If all goes well, he will have to say goodbye to the rapid growth of the 2010s in order to somehow generate higher ticket prices that will offset the higher costs. Experience shows that this is only possible with a tighter offer. Hardly anyone in the industry believes that airlines will really give up costly battles for market share in the future. In addition, the package does not concern all airlines in Europe in the same way, the consequences also depend on the economic model. And there is indeed a risk of disadvantages compared to non-European competitors.

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