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After the federal election and before the formation of a coalition and a government, some citizens are already feeling frustrated: can’t they finally get started? But this impatience ignores the dimension of the political change currently taking place in Berlin. If the SPD, the FDP and the Greens want to come together, it’s a big project.

In terms of content, the positions should be placed next to each other and linked to each other which at first glance seem distant from each other. In terms of the atmosphere, the parties need to gain trust in each other who previously loved each other in mutual dislike. But here it is: it works. Suddenly, representatives of the FDP and the Greens, long hostile to each other, sit down constructively and relaxed; Ugly games are almost only found in the Union. He rightly maneuvered himself on the sidelines – leaving a clear view of those who want to dare to start over.

Many actors come out of their trenches and can suddenly imagine working together where it seemed unthinkable before. This not only concerns the relationship between the antipodes, but affects many areas. With the Greens you can hear good words about the innovative strength of the German economy, with which the turnaround in climate policy must be shaped together, and in the economy you can hear friendly words about the Greens , which, as pioneers, are now accorded a high level of credibility.

In this context, an interview with entrepreneur Karl Haeusgen, particularly influential in conservative circles, is characteristic. The president of the Association of German Mechanical and Plant Engineering (VDMA), in which many renowned companies and the collective pride of the German export industry are organized, speaks out in favor of a coalition the SPD, the Greens and the FDP; in June, he voted for a Jamaican Union-led coalition.

“In the meantime, I have come to the conclusion that a traffic light is the best solution,” Haeusgen told Wirtschaftswoche. “The Union has lost so much that there is no longer any legitimacy for the Chancellery and for running a government. In addition, there are many dissonances within the Union before the elections and even now.”

The Greens as destroyers of prosperity? Almost no one believes that even in the executive suite

Something similar has been observed in Baden-Württemberg. Ten years ago, you mostly met medium-sized companies there, for whom a green prime minister would at least have been synonymous with the downfall of the West. After a few cases the CDU is out of the game, many business leaders are even avowed fans of Winfried Kretschmann – and some have even secretly voted for him in regional elections.

This sets the stage for an approach, especially on the most important of all subjects, climate protection. For a long time the two worlds worked against each other, some demonized capitalism as an uncompromising environmental destroyer, others warned of the costs of protecting the environment. Now that the Greens are admitting they need the innovative strength of companies to tackle climate change, companies are realizing that climate protection can no longer be a private matter and, indeed, even business opportunities lie dormant here. Sustainable finance has become a huge topic, even in the hard-core financial industry, where money is always more important than morality.

Green technologies as an opportunity for the economy, full throttle for green hydrogen, fuel cells, batteries and synthetic fuels, for green technologies and the circular economy, for green electricity, for solar and wind energy: it is now the order of the day in business circles too.

In short: It’s not a start for a long time, and if it’s going to be poured into a smart government program, it may still take a little longer.

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