FC Bayern: Why Miele sponsors the football club – economy

By Elisabeth Dostert

So they really don’t want to talk about sponsorship, preferring an “active partnership”. Sponsorship sounds too much like a dismissive business relationship – to put it simply, one gives money and is allowed to advertise it with the other. They are a “perfect match”. Markus Miele and Reinhard Zinkann, whose families belong to household appliance manufacturer Miele from Gütersloh, say so, and Oliver Kahn, CEO of FC Bayern München AG, say so too. The three bosses sit in the living room of the football arena that Miele has renovated and equipped over the past few months and now presents. A few visitors frolic in the stands of the stadium, the lawn is artificially irrigated and bathed in sunlight to keep it green. And at the top of the large billboard are the logos of both companies. They already have one thing in common: the name of the company in white letters on a red background. Only one logo is round and the other is square.

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