European Commissioner Frans Timmermans: The man of the “Green Deal” – economy

Within the European Commission, Frans Timmermans is responsible for the fight against the climate crisis. The fact that he wants to radically change the economy is criticized. Critics accuse him of endangering prosperity and of using the “steam roller”.

By Matthias Kolb, Brussels

Frans Timmermans has specific ideas when he thinks about the future. “Our cities will be greener and the air cleaner. I see cycle paths everywhere and people whose work does not endanger their health,” he told a reporter who wants to know what it might look like the daily life of Europeans in 2030. The Dutch, who can easily switch between perfect English, French, German and Italian, is never speechless, but he particularly likes this question: “Of course we have to speak challenges of green transformation, but we are Don’t forget the opportunities. “Timmermans, whose nickname Fransrapid alludes to the speed of his thought and his speech, wants to make the EU cleaner, healthier and more prosperous : “I believe in this future, we can do it.”

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