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In February, the commission wants to present a law that prescribes a minimum tax of 15% for large companies. 136 states have agreed to this lower limit – a comprehensive reform of the century.

The European Commission is wasting no time in implementing global tax reform. On Wednesday, the finance ministers of the 20 most important industrialized countries, the G20, are expected to approve a comprehensive corporate tax reform of the century. The agreement, which was negotiated under the aegis of the organization of industrialized countries OECD, provides for a minimum tax of 15 percent on the profits of large companies. Additionally, digital companies like Google would have to pay more tax in countries where they generate a lot of sales, and less at corporate headquarters, in the case of the United States. The Commission wants to transpose the rules into European law so that they can be applied uniformly in the 27 Member States. The authority intends to present the corresponding European directive on global minimum tax as early as February. This is based on a draft work program for 2022, which is available to the Süddeutsche Zeitung.

The Commission will probably publish this program next week. According to the project, the Brussels-based company will present a second directive in the third quarter, i.e. after the summer holidays, which deals with the global redistribution of the taxing rights of digital companies.

The work program for 2022 is important for Commission President Ursula von der Leyen as her mandate expires at the end of 2024. In the case of legislative initiatives after 2022, there is therefore a high risk that they can no longer be adopted. by the European Parliament and the Council of Ministers before the expiry of their mandate. CSU MEP Markus Ferber calls the 2022 announcement list “the last great chance for the von-der-Leyen Commission to set a political example again”. But his friend from the CDU party missed this chance, complains the economic policy spokesperson of the Christian Democrat EPP group: “The work program contains a lot of small and small, but no vision of what the Europe in 20 years. “

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