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Actions: Dax straightens up a bit

After a weak start to the week, Dax investors occasionally pick up. Soaring energy prices and delivery bottlenecks are dampening the buying mood, however. Infineon stocks were searched for individual stocks.

After three consecutive days of defeat, the Dax initiated a recovery attempt. After a mixed start to trading, the main German index rose 1% to 15,194 points at the end of the session. Comdirect market expert Andreas Lipkow was rather skeptical about the near future: “The situation remains tense and many negative impulses are currently affecting the financial markets. On the one hand, rising energy prices have made life difficult for market participants and fueled fears that inflation will continue to accelerate. On the other hand, according to Lipkow, the situation on the Chinese real estate market around the Evergrande group remains tense.

Hellofresh shares halted their price decline and rose 3.6%. They were among the first of Dax. Despite high investments, the baking tins supplier’s cash is so large that investors could participate in the form of share buybacks, wrote analyst Sarah Simon of private bank Berenberg. With a premium of nearly five percent, Infineon stock was the top favorite in the German benchmark. The semiconductor maker expects increased sales and profits. On the other hand, the corona-related shortage of certain products such as computer chips is affecting more and more companies in many areas of the economy. A new business has collapsed at the leasing specialist Grenke. According to the company, the cause was delivery bottlenecks globally, especially for manufacturers of computer and office equipment. The shares fell 6.7% and were therefore one of the weakest values ​​in S-Dax. At the end of M-Dax, Rational’s shares were down 4.8%. Due to delivery issues, there is a question mark behind thousands of oven deliveries to the commercial kitchen supplier, wrote analyst Sebastian Kuenne of Canadian bank RBC. The shareholders of Shop Apotheke could however expect a more than 8.6%, which meant the first place of S-Dax. The online retailer sees itself on the right track after nine months. Capacity bottlenecks have now been removed. On Wall Street, the Dow Jones rose 1.2% at midpoint.

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