Energy policy – nuclear, yes please – economy

The European Commissioner for the Internal Market, Thierry Breton, suggests that nuclear power plants scheduled to close should continue to operate in order to produce hydrogen with their electricity. Nuclear reactors should be taken off the grid as planned so that electricity providers can invest in wind farms or solar systems, the Frenchman said in an interview with SZ. But instead of immediately dismantling nuclear power plants, EU governments could devote “two, three, four, five years” to hydrogen production, “of course 100% respecting all safety rules”. Hydrogen plays an important role in the EU’s ambitious climate protection program. Steel mills, trucks, ships and airplanes should use hydrogen instead of climate-damaging fuels and fuels. Electric drives would not work well in these areas. In the EU, it is up to national governments to decide on the energy mix. Breton says he respects that of course, but he believes that “there is no way to meet the 2050 climate goals without continuing to use nuclear power.” After all, the green restructuring of the economy is leading to a rapid increase in demand for electricity.

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