Electric cars: Tesla under pressure because of autopilot – economy

US electric car maker Tesla has been targeted again by US authorities for its autopilot driver assistance system. After crashes between Tesla cars and ambulances, the US road safety agency NHTSA has opened a formal investigation, the agency said on Monday.

Since January 2018, there have been eleven such accidents, including one death and 17 injuries. Initially, no comments were received from Tesla. The electric car maker lost 4.5% on Wall Street.

Tesla’s automated driving assistance system allows the driver to temporarily take their hands off the wheel. NHTSA referred to an accident in January 2018 in which a Tesla crashed into a stationary fire truck. The design of the autopilot allowed the driver not to worry about driving.

The American road safety authorities have already examined the role of the autopilot function in accidents on several occasions. This is a crucial issue for the automotive industry. Because it invests billions in the development of autonomous driving, which can only be sold if consumers have great confidence in the safety of the technology. Tesla is one of the industry pioneers with such systems.

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