Early retirement: how to retire at 40? – Business

By Benjamin Emonts

Take the right steps now

Mareile Wiegmann knows exactly what her life should be like later: the young woman wants to live in a house in the country with her partner and one or two children. Goats and chickens live in his garden, and tomatoes, zucchini and bushes with berries grow well. The family is largely self-sufficient, while Wiegmann is also involved in social projects. No overtime, no stressful work, just do what she wants – at least that’s the dream. This life should be made possible for him by the financial freedom for which Wiegmann has worked so hard for years. The 29-year-old belongs to the “frugalism” movement. She is one of those people who wish to be treated by the age of 40 at the latest.

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