Drone airspace – first test flight in the Port of Hamburg – economy

The Port of Hamburg is set to become the first national model of regular drone airspace in Germany. A first test flight started there on Tuesday, and others will follow. “Among other things, the safe and coordinated interaction of manned and unmanned air traffic in the U-Space airspace set up in Hamburg is simulated in several flight scenarios,” said Droniq GmbH. The concept of a “U-Space” is an airspace delimited in space in which special rules and procedures coordinate drone traffic. This means that drone flights should be possible quickly, safely and without prolonged approval effort, even outside of the pilot’s field of vision. Test flights include, for example, an emergency scenario in which the drone pilot must avoid a helicopter at short notice. For the federal government, airplanes have enormous potential for a variety of applications that go beyond delivering packages or drugs. She wants to make drones a daily mode of transportation in just a few years – and make them a German export success.

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