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Donald Trump: king without a lock

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A night at the Trump International Hotel in Washington costs at least $ 700.

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The former US president apparently wants to sell the rental rights to the pompous hotel. What if he were to be re-elected in 2024?

By Claus Hulverscheidt, Washington

Pinnacles and bay windows, arches and letters of gold, plus a mighty steeple towering over Pennsylvania Avenue: even though he officially resided in the White House, the place where US President Donald Trump paid homage for four years was ten minutes away. walk to Trump International Hotel. He held court here in the old Washington Main Post Office building that looked like a palace, and diplomats, lobbyists and fans have descended here to please their king or even to catch a glimpse of him. . Critics have consistently accused Trump of abusing his office to increase his private wealth and, to some extent, forcing petitioners near and far to hire him. The president didn’t care. However, since he lost his job to Joe Biden, the heyday of the luxury hotel is over: many people can no longer afford the $ 700 that a room costs at least per night, and the pandemic is also likely to play a role. Therefore, Trump now apparently wants to sell the rental rights for the 122-year-old building to a real estate developer, who in turn is said to be looking for a new operator. If the question remains where he wants to reside, he should indeed run for president in 2024 and even win. Because one thing Trump certainly won’t want to be: a king without a castle.

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