Deutsche Post – Parcels become more expensive for retailers – economy

Deutsche Post DHL increases its parcel prices for business customers. These apply from January 1, the group said. How much the prices are rising has not been released, only that deliveries of 20 kilograms or more are “particularly affected”, after all, sorting and delivery is much more complex. Swiss Post justified its increase by investing in infrastructure and climate-friendly transport. For private customers, nothing will change for the moment. However, consumers indirectly feel the price increase when online retailers charge more money for shipping. The price increase for business customers – especially online retailers – is not a surprise, as it increased in early 2021. The competition also demands more money at regular intervals. This is also due to the fact that many more packages were sent during the pandemic and modern technology and additional staff were needed. A DPD spokesperson said on Friday that prices for a large number of commercial customers would also be increased at the end of the year. This is “essential for DPD due to the significant cost increases”.

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