Deutsche Post increases postage for letters by five cents – economy

From January, a standard letter will cost 85 cents, the prices of all others will also increase – this is announced by Deutsche Post. The Federal Network Agency had previously approved a general franking increase of 4.6 percent.

The postage of letters is becoming more and more expensive. Sending a standard national letter will cost 85 cents from January, five cents more than before. Deutsche Post announced. Other letter products are also expected to be five hundred more expensive, such as the maxi letter. The company justified this by higher costs. More recently, the Post increased postage in mid-2019, when a standard letter increased from ten cents to 80 cents.

The Federal Network Agency previously published a scope of price increases on Wednesday, on the basis of which the Post may increase shipping costs. Said margin of increase is 4.6% – the basket for all types of letters may become more expensive by this percentage. This value is relatively low, with the increase in shipping costs in 2019 it was 8.9%. Shortly afterwards, La Poste announced how it wanted to use this leeway. The network agency will now check whether the planned postage increases are within the perimeter.

The mail market has been contracting for a long time. People write far fewer letters than before and increasingly use emails, chats and social media in their communication. However, the mail business remains a lucrative business for the Bonn company – this is also due to the price increases approved by the state.

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