Deutsche Bahn avoids more strikes by 2023 – economy

Deutsche Bahn resolved its wage dispute with the largest railway union EVG and avoided further strikes. This year’s round of collective bargaining is over, the state-owned company said Thursday. “Rail strikes are ruled out at least until February 2023,” said Martin Seiler, director of human resources. After the agreement with the GDL train drivers’ union, the EVG had recently threatened to strike and had once again put the group in difficulty, undermined by the Corona crisis.

The EVG had in fact already signed a collective agreement with the railway. Because the competing GDL got better terms for the employees after hard strikes, like a corona bonus, the EVG used its right to renegotiate. For companies in which the EVG has the most members, the railway now pays two corona premiums totaling 1,100 euros, which is 100 euros more than for the GDL. A solution was also found for living and travel allowances, Bahnverstand Seiler said. However, EVG members don’t get a raise until a little later. The union made it clear on Thursday that a difficult conflict is looming in 2023. The EVG then wants to put “clear accents” for the members, said negotiator Kristian Loroch. “We are preparing for a difficult argument.”

Deutsche Bahn is once again expanding its range of night trains

The railway also announced new connections in its own route network for the schedule change. From mid-December, the group wants to compete with additional sprinters for domestic flights. Between Berlin and Cologne, for example, fast trains run three times a day in less than four hours with just a few stops – and therefore up to half an hour faster than before. For the first time, some of these trains will stop at the traditional Berlin Zoo station in the west of the city, which has been largely cut off from long-distance traffic since the opening of Berlin Central Station ago. 15 years old. Evening sprinters between Berlin and Munich with stops in Nuremberg, Erfurt and Halle are also new to the schedule.

Deutsche Bahn is also working with other European rail companies to expand the supply of long-neglected night trains. There had been strong criticism of the railway going out of business. According to the railway, new Nightjet routes will operate from Vienna via Munich to Paris and from Zurich via Basel and Cologne to Amsterdam. According to Deutsche Bahn, the two new lines connect 15 German cities to the European network of night trains.

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