Deloitte survey – one in six Germans own an electric bicycle – economy

According to a survey by management consulting firm Deloitte, 17% of Germans own an electric bicycle. One in three e-bike owners cited hobbies and entertainment as the number one reason to buy. In cities, more and more people and businesses are using e-bikes or cargo bikes as an alternative to cars, said industry expert Kim Lachmann. Corona has further increased demand. The share of e-bikes in total bicycle sales in Germany was 39% in 2020. The local bicycle trade is benefiting from the trend: e-bikes are expensive and more complex, 72% of respondents said they would like get expert advice before buying and trying the bike. In the Netherlands, according to Deloitte, 30% of respondents already own an electric bicycle, and one in two bicycles sold is an electric bicycle. The European trade association Cycling Industries Europe expects demand to increase by 20 percent this year, but then gradually saturate the market. Deloitte surveyed 11,250 people in 20 European countries in the spring. The focus was on Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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