Delivery heroes contest – US company buys Wolt – economy

The American meal delivery service Doordash, a competitor of the Dax Delivery-Hero group, acquires the service provider Wolt. Doordash has announced that it will pay seven billion euros for Wolt in a pure stock transaction. As a result, the global competition for the rapidly growing customer base during the Corona Crisis is intensifying. In the USA Doordash, Uber and Just Eat Takeaway, owner of Grubhub, are fighting for market share, in Europe, in addition to Wolt, Foodpanda drivers are on the road, the brand belongs to the Berlin company Delivery Hero. Most of the global suppliers are in the red due to their high investment in growth. If more people go to restaurants again, it could exacerbate consolidation pressure in the industry. There are already many cross-holdings. Delivery Hero owns shares in competitor Deliveroo and in Just Eat Takeaway, owner of Lieferando.

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