Darknet: How investigators track down criminals in Darknet – economy

Fake vaccination certificates, appalling child registrations, arms trafficking: Criminals are doing bad business in the dark part of the Internet. But the police are modernizing – with a new search engine.

By Max Muth

The friendly foreign police authority only sent two things: a public Bitcoin address and an IP address from Germany, along with a note that the data was found as part of an investigation into child abuse. children. In the past, investigations by the Bavarian authorities would generally have ended at this point. Too little information to find further evidence. It’s different today. Central Office Cybercrime Bamberg (ZCB) investigators only need seconds to find an important connection. You type the Bitcoin address into your new machine, and two seconds later you get a result. On a well-known dark web page that featured images of child abuse, the Bitcoin address was listed as a payment method years ago. Evidence that should convince a judge.

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