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Daimler Truck: the truck manufacturer wants to raise prices

This Thursday, Daimler Truck will start series production of its first battery-powered electric truck in Wörth. A milestone, after all, more than one in two utility vehicles powered by battery or hydrogen will be sold by 2030. But at the same time, company boss Martin Daum is lowering sales expectations for the whole. of the vehicle fleet. The reason: the current flea crisis.

“We will certainly deliver less than what we could have sold, and that will also apply to next year,” he said on Tuesday. You can’t say how high the failures are. “It’s a fight for every chip.” The truck industry was largely spared from the shortage of chips in the first half of the year, but the problems have now arrived here as well.

At the same time, Daum prepares customers for the unpleasant: “Of course, we will also increase prices next year,” he said. Because in addition to chips, raw materials like steel and aluminum have also become more expensive. Just last week, Daimler shareholders gave the green light to the Daimler Truck spin-off. The company is expected to go public by Christmas.

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