Daimler no longer wants to develop combustion engines from 2025 – economy

At Daimler, there is a certain tradition of describing similarities between a bottle of ketchup and electromobility. Even former CEO Dieter Zetsche made the comparison: “If you get it right, you know something is going to come out at some point,” he said. “You don’t know when, but when it happens, you do it right.” It’s crucial to be prepared for the moment the ketchup suddenly slips out of the bottle. As CEO, Ola Källenius is now responsible for not missing this moment. For a long time, it was assumed in Stuttgart that it would be more likely to drain the ketchup bottle of electric mobility for many years to come. But now it looks like the Swabians can’t go fast enough with the big turnaround. Källenius said Thursday: “The turning point is approaching.”

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