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IT security: the market continues to grow

Fear of ransomware and data breaches brings good business to the IT industry. According to the digital association Bitkom, the IT security market in Germany continues to grow. This year, 6.2 billion euros are expected to be spent on hardware, software and services. This is the first time that the threshold of six billion euros has been exceeded. The new record is 9.7% higher than the previous record year 2020 (5.6 billion euros in turnover). The figures were calculated for Bitkom by market research firm IDC. “Cyber ​​attacks have become an existential threat to the economy,” explains Susanne Dehmel, member of the Bitkom management team. For businesses and administrations, IT security is essential to survival and must be an integral part of good management. “The corona crisis has shown how vulnerable many businesses are. “

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