Climate protection: the government argues over an immediate program – economy

The Secretary of State at the Ministry of the Environment was clear: not like that. Jochen Flasbarth wrote at the beginning of the month that he had asked the Ministries of the Economy and the Building “to submit an immediate program guaranteeing the respect of the annual emissions of the building sector for the following years”. The second part of the sentence already roughly corresponded to the associated legal text: the new German law on climate protection.

The building sector was the only one to miss its “sector objective” during the corona 2020 crisis. For each year and each zone, the law specifies these objectives in millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide. If a sector does not meet its target, the responsible ministries must act. In this case: those intended for companies and construction. And they took action. In due course, they submitted an “immediate program” to increase funding for efficient buildings by 5.8 billion euros so that more is invested in climate protection. Admittedly, an expert report from the Ministry of Economic Affairs also showed that this would only be effective for the climate in 2025. It was not sufficient for the Ministry of the Environment for an immediate program.

The first use case leads to the first fundamental question. The wording of the law, according to the Ministry of Economic Affairs, is not clear: “It does not say when or at what period an established CO2 reduction gap should be reduced.” This needs to be clarified in the law, because after all, successes in the building sector come late, argues the ministry. “Now is the time to resolve the ambiguities and methodological weaknesses of the climate protection law. “

The problem with this immediate program should of course not yet completely resolve this. In the meantime, there is also an opinion from the expert council set up by the federal government for climate issues. According to him, the climate impact of billions in financing would “tend to be overestimated”. So even more money would be needed to achieve the goal.

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