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As we know, real estate is a lot of money. But who really decides to build a house or buy an apartment? A survey carried out across Germany shows that men are ahead. They take the initiative more often, find the item they ultimately bought more often and they bring more equity into the financing. This is the result of a representative survey conducted across Germany by financial service provider Dr. Petit among homeowners.

Four in five men surveyed said they started looking for a property, and 74% said they had also found the property they wanted – buying the property, a male domain?

Bianka Lenz-Guckenhan, construction finance specialist at Dr. Petit in Stuttgart, has had different experiences in practice. “The appointments for the budget consultation or the initial meeting are usually made by women. They set the process in motion. However, the execution is predominantly geared towards men. In the subsequent organization, too, the distribution of roles is not always as clear as it might appear at first glance. “Men generally have a higher proportion of conversations and are more willing to take risks,” says the expert. But she often finds that the women in the background make the decisions.

And who pays? 63% of men surveyed say they brought more capital when buying a property. Interesting result of the survey: in the new Länder, men and women tend to be half and half. The specialists of Dr. Petit. Regardless of the distribution of financing shares, couples always participate in counseling sessions together, emphasizes Bianka Lenz-Guckenhan. After all, it’s important that the two of them know exactly the financing – especially in the event of a separation.

The result of another study: the woman has the last word

By the way, about one in seven men feel that their partner had to compromise more than they did when buying a property. Conversely, only five percent of women think they have been left behind – perhaps women compromise less than “the man thinks”. And make their partners believe what they want.

Brokers have long seen the question of decision making clear up. The internet portal Mc Makler conducted an online survey of 200 real estate agents in 2018 and found: “When couples are looking for a house or a condominium, the woman makes the final purchase decision in about 64% of cases. In only 7% of cases does the man have the last word. “And Oliver-D. Helfrich, Lüneburg real estate broker, trainer and author of books, recommends the following to his professional colleagues:” One of the most important questions more important: what does the woman want? Yes, the woman. In most cases, the woman buys the house. The man gives in rather small and compromises.

Do women set the tone? Yes, it is said at Mc Makler. Managing Director Lukas Pieczonka knows it: “Women take the reins when buying a house. And not just there; the survey confirms a general trend – women are also playing an increasingly important role in other purchasing decisions, such as investments, technology and cars. All product groups were once dominated by men.

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