Benchmarking – The price of CO₂ weighs on the poor – economy

According to one calculation, the price of CO₂ on fuel, in effect since January, has the greatest negative impact on low-income households. This emerges from an expert opinion commissioned by the Federation of German Consumer Organizations (VZBV). Thus, the measures adopted so far to compensate for rising fuel prices are not enough to relieve lower wages more than households with higher incomes. A review for the year 2021 showed, according to consumer advocates, that the top 30% group recoups more than a third of the extra costs. In contrast, in the bottom half of income, only 10-17% of the increase in mobility costs would be offset. This is exactly what the Protestant Study Community Research Institute and the Forum for Ecological and Social Market Economy did. VZBV board member Klaus Müller called on politicians to give in: “Low-income households are suffering from rising fuel costs and are in urgent need of support. Among other things, it proposes a significant expansion of local public transport and an income-independent mobility allowance.

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