Autonomous driving: what Mercedes, Tesla, Google and Co can really do – economy

For years, auto managers have been talking about the fact that they will soon no longer have to drive themselves. Software controls, while people do other things. But when is it really that time?

By Max H├Ągler and Christina Kunkel

It could hardly have been worse for the engineers, who actually wanted to demonstrate on their test track what they had developed at Daimler and are now the first automaker to go into series production according to law. A car in which the driver can give up control in certain situations. Without hands on the wheel, the computer will take over. During this time, people can type messages or watch videos. None of this is a promise in the advertisements. It should be possible to order this year the car with autonomous driving function, certified by the German authorities. The problem on this Saturday at the end of July: a heavy downpour. And when it rains, the car drives, but not autonomously.

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