Apple wins against the patent troll economy

A patent troll wanted Apple to pay $ 300 million, but a judge dismissed the lawsuit and the plaintiff even had to pay Apple something.

Electronics company Apple won the case against a so-called patent troll who wanted to sue for an old patent worth a whopping $ 300 million. This is what the Bloomberg news agency reports. Personalized Media Communications LLC (PMC) is one such company that owns patents but has delayed their filing. This should mean that many companies are already using technology based on these patents and can therefore be sued profitably. In the professional world, the procedure is known as underwater tactics. PMC does not manufacture anything itself, it only experiences such patent lawsuits.

Specifically, it was a patent for digital rights management that dates back to 1981. In the appeal process, Judge Rodney Gilstrap ruled that the PMC should “nothing” and should also bear some of the costs. Apple legal fees. Submarine tactics have long been controversial in the United States. Since 1995 the registration deadline has been set at 20 years, since then it is hardly worth it for trolls.

In this particular case, Justice Gilstrap, referring to the ruling of the highest US patent court, found PMC’s behavior to be disproportionate delay and abuse of the patent system. and often reached comparisons. A lawsuit against Netflix is ​​still pending.

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