Apple – New iPhone for Christmas Businesses – Economy

Apple is giving its iPhones a faster chip and better cameras ahead of the big Christmas business. The iPhone 13 presented on Tuesday retained the exterior design of the current generation with angular edges. But the cutout for cameras and facial recognition sensors at the top of the screen has been reduced by 20%. The iPhone is by far the most important Apple product and sometimes accounts for up to two-thirds of the group’s business. More recently, however, its share of sales has fallen below 50%, among other things because Mac computers and iPad tablets have become much more popular during the corona pandemic. Apple is now also renewing the iPad and the smaller iPad mini.

The Apple Watch computer watch gets a slightly larger screen in the new generation of the Series 7 presented on Tuesday. As the frame around the screen has been slimmed down, it is only a little larger than the previous model. With more space, Apple can now, for the first time, type on a small onscreen keyboard. Before the online event, it was speculated that Apple wanted to radically change the design of the computer clock.

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