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Amazon is working on its own quantum computer. “We have an internal project to build our own quantum computer and develop software and algorithms for it,” said Oskar Painter, team leader for quantum hardware at Amazon Web Services (AWS), the Handelsblatt. With its subsidiary AWS, Amazon is the world’s largest cloud provider. The group’s server department is very profitable, but less known to the public than traditional Amazon e-commerce.

So far, Google and IBM have pioneered the commercial use of the new technology. Amazon’s two competitors already operate their own quantum computers. So far, AWS has only used one marketplace from external vendors. This should now change, the Amazon subsidiary now also wants to enter directly. “At AWS, we usually don’t focus on problems in the future. We do what our customers want us to do,” said Richard Molds, general manager of the quantum team called Amazon Braket.

Instead of one after another, quantum computers can perform arithmetic operations simultaneously. it changes everything

With the concept of quantum computers, research and industry are reacting to the fact that the previously common development of high performance computers is reaching its physical limits. Because quantum computers are not just faster computers: they no longer store information in the form of bits that can only take two possible states, namely one or zero. Instead, a qubit of a quantum computer can be both, that is, one and zero. The quantum particle pauses in both states until you look at it or measure it. This means that quantum computers cannot perform arithmetic operations one after another, but rather simultaneously – and theoretically be several times faster and more powerful than conventional computers.

Google has been working on quantum computing since 2006. In 2019, the search engine company claimed to have achieved what is known as quantum superiority because its Sycamore processor with 53 qubits was able to perform a calculation in 200 seconds. which would have taken 10,000 years for the world’s fastest supercomputer.

IBM has been offering its cloud customers access to its quantum computer called “Q System One” with 20 qubits since 2019. In June, IBM also presented its first commercial quantum computer in Europe with 25 qubits, located at IBM’s German headquarters. in Ehingen near Stuttgart.

In order not to depend too much on American suppliers, the federal government released a total of two billion euros in May for the development of quantum computers. In order to achieve the objective of the program, the Ministry of Research is initially funding the construction of “demonstration quantum computers”. These computers should have 24 fully functional qubits. Within five years, a competitive German quantum computer should be equipped with at least 100 individually controllable qubits.

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