Airplanes – Port of Hamburg becomes drone testing ground – economy

Germany obtains its first testing ground for drone airspace: the port of Hamburg. The state-owned Deutsche Flugsicherung (DFS) and Droniq GmbH, a stake of DFS and Deutsche Telekom, want to find out on the site how drone flights are “easy, safe and in coordination with manned air traffic,” the officials said. companies involved. The Federal Ministry of Transport, which intends to make the drone a daily mode of transport with an action plan in a few years, is funding the project to the tune of nearly half a million euros.

For Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU), the somewhat bulky aircraft known as “unmanned aviation systems” have enormous potential for a wide variety of applications. In the future, for example, they will deliver packages, transport medicines or report traffic jams. “For this, drone flights must be easy and achievable in the short term,” explains Droniq. “A requirement that cannot always be implemented, especially in areas with a large number of drones, due to the sometimes lengthy flight authorization processes. “

The concept of a “U-Space” is intended to remedy this. In this spatially delimited airspace of about ten square kilometers, the idea goes, “special rules and procedures will coordinate drone traffic in the coming months and allow drone flights to be carried out quickly, safely and without long approval efforts – even outside the pilot’s field of vision.

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