Air traffic – Ryanair wants to grow again – economy

Europe’s largest low-cost airline, Ryanair, wants to expand its business more than expected after the Corona crisis. By the end of March 2026, the number of passengers for Ryanair and its group airlines like Lauda is expected to increase to more than 225 million per year, the company announced at its general meeting in Dublin. This is 25 million more than expected and more than one and a half times more than in the fiscal year ended at the end of March 2020. At that time, Ryanair had nearly 149 million passengers. In order to support the growth of the activity, the airline wants to strengthen its fleet over the next five years with the 210 medium-haul jets already ordered of the Boeing 737 Max type. Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary wants to expand the offer of flights where other airlines have had to abandon or have reduced their fleets following the Corona crisis. Ryanair plans to hire more than 5,000 pilots, flight attendants and technicians.

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