Agriculture – farmers expect good hop crops – economy

German hop growers expect a very good harvest this year: the total volume of 47,845 tonnes is expected to be 2% higher than the previous year, their association said in Wolnzach in Upper Bavaria. After the first indications, we must hope for good alpha values, important for taste and quality. In addition, a very large part of the German cultivation area is already under contract, which means that “the sale of hops for German producers is already assured”. One third of the cultivated area in the world is in Germany. The main growing area with around 900 hop growers is the Hallertau south of Ingolstadt. The association predicted a harvest of 41,150 tonnes there this year. In Elbe-Saale-Winkel it should be 3059 tonnes, in Tettnang on Lake Constance 2884 tonnes. Globally, 182 billion liters of beer were brewed last year, nine billion less than the previous year. After a cool spring, hops filled their growth deficits in June and July. Thanks to the rain, the yield loss from wilted plants was less, but fungal diseases had good conditions.

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